Medical Malpractice Suit Over Unsupervised Pain Medication

side note: Looks like this woman has a slam dunk medical malpractice insurance case. Monitoring of narcotics in a hospital setting is paramount. These are the kind of errors that contribute to the rising costs of professional medical liability insurance. I’m assuming med-mal insurance rates in Colorado are going to creep upwards when this trial ends. Click to see what rates doctors are paying  in Colorado.

Denver Post
by Jessical Fender
DENVER — The first individual lawsuit stemming from the Hepatitis-C scandal at Rose Medical Center was filed Sunday in Denver District Court, The Denver Post reported.
Antoinette Fleisher had surgery at Rose on Jan. 22, 2009, and believes operating room technician Kristen Parker, an intravenous drug user with Hepatitis C, used the narcotic intended for her surgery and refilled the infected syringe with saline. Fleisher named both the Rose and anesthesiologist Shawn Roth for failing to follow hospital policies and controlled substance laws requiring such narcotics be locked up or closely monitored.


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